Strawberry Love

Who loves strawberries? I think almost everyone?

You know that summer is around the corner when juicy red strawberries start to appear on the shelves. First you pick one up and look at it. It is mostly deep red with a cute green top, the seeds are tiny and surround its triangular body, tiny pinpricks of harder matter interrupting the bright red flesh, giving it texture and a visual interest at once. 

Then comes the smell, the rich aroma of strawberries makes us feel better. Scientists have actually worked out what it is we love su much about strawberries by pinning down the molecular basis of its aroma.  

Unlike raspberries, there is no single molecule with a "strawberry smell". So what we smell is a blend – these molecules together give the smell sensation we know as “strawberry”.  

Then the taste, you get an overload of the sweetness in your mouth. They're so tasteful! Do you want to have the sweet and lovely smell of strawberries around your neck? Get yours now here


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