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Meet Sweet Life by Sparkling Jewels… Sensational, colourful and full of sweetness. This new sub-collection is surprising and stimulates all  your senses! Our inspiration comes from all the sweet colours the world offers us. Doesn’t everyone love sweets?
Sparkling Jewels is founded by Ton Tijhuis & Sharon van het Hof in 2014. With passion and extensive knowledge of the industry a young and ambitious team aspires to leave an unforgettable impression with Sparkling Jewels and now together with a little sister called Sweet Life. The recognisable use of gemstones, the surprising choice of colours and the beautiful designs quickly ensured big successes. 
As we always strive to design and create unique jewellery pieces by sourcing the finest materials, this year we wanted to develop something extra special. Something that nobody has seen or heard of before... 
The Inspiration behind this renewing concept comes from the sweet colours these season's fashion collections will bring, which results in unique and ever-imaginative collection loved by stylists and it-girls. Everybody loves something sweet or has a special memory to a fragrance. The Sweet Life products are handpicked and personally inspected to ensure that every piece of jewelry meets your quality standards. 


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